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Biography of Wendy A. Wywrot


I was born and raised in Seattle. I grew up with middle class parents, we lived on Lake Washington and I spent every summer playing and paddling about in the water. I was an over achiever and always got good grades. I attended Seattle University, completing the 2 year Honors Humanities Program and 4 year Bach of Arts in Business Administration in 4 years total. I have the equivalent of a minor in Philosophy and Literature.

After I graduated from college, I entered the pirvate sector. Working in various banks and corporations, I was very disillusioned by the behaviour of my co-workers. I had always thought that people 'grew up' when they graduated from high school, or at least college, and that people would begin to behave with maturity and integrity. Instead, I noticed that people like that were few and far between. I knew that I was far from perfect myself.

After some time working in the private sector, I developed an interest in becoming self- employed and working in the healing arts. In 1990, I entered the year long training program Seattle Massage in School near Greenlake. (it isn't there any more ) As I completed the program, I noticed that this training had opened up for me all types of wonderful insights and interests in how the human body, mind, and spirit interact and influence one another. I became fascinated by the concept of healing and how healing is a holistic way of helping a person (as opposed to treating an illness or an injury, where one focuses on just the presenting problem, not the whole person.)

In books and in the media, there was a lot of talk about the Mind-Body connection and I immersed myself in studying up on this fascinating concept. Our society was re- awakening to the very practical fact that our emotions and our mind do influence our health and our wellbeing dramatically - a fact that we all know from common sense, but which Cartesian dualism and the Western addiction to Scientific Empiricism had invalidated.

I decided that I wanted to be able to help my clients and loved ones using several different healing modalities and studied Hypnotherapy with 2 different excellent schools. I became a Reiki Master and an Ordained Minster as well, wanting to be able to provide Spiritual Guidance to my clients as well. As all of this happened, I experienced my own healing journey, which has enable me to assist my clients from a place of having undergone the same challenges.
I continued my own healing journey, as I spent 20 + years learning additional effective therapies and techniques to assist others on thier own healing journeys. or path.

I honestly wish to help others the way that past teachers and healers helped me. I seek to assist others to free themselves from the bondage of culturally, societally and family imposed strictures. with my nurturing intentions, i seek to to empower my clients to help themselves. My calling is to empower them on their journey towards actualizing the most joyful creative and effective parts of themselves, so that they thrive and enojy life passionately ! so that they deal with life's challenges in effective and integrous ways.