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About Wendy Wywrot

I am an energy healer who works with prayer, the Arch Angels, and Ancient Wisdom. I have been a healer since 1991, constantly studying new techniques to help people. I create custom sessions for my client's unique needs. My heartfelt sincere calling is to help my clients to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

I am a caring empathetic listener, encouraging my clients to feel very safe to confide in me. Your stories are a sacred trust that i take very seriously, and keep very confidential. I use Astrology, Chinese 5 Element Face Reading, Feng Shui, Soul Retrieval, Hypnotherapy, and Ancestral Healing to help my clients to achieve their goals and dreams.

I help people to deeply relax, to handle stress better, and to bring joy, passion and creativity back into their lives.

I have been a healer since 1991, and I have a sincere desire and ability to empower others.

I teach people easy-to-learn techniques that can make a big difference in their lives. I help my clients to gain control over negative habits. I help them to release blocks that prevent their personal growth, happiness, and fulfillment.

I have healing abilities on both sides of my family tree: my paternal grandmother was a Ukrainian Folk Healer, and my mother was a Yoga Teacher.

My sincere calling is to help other people to help themselves, and to pray and to send out loving, healing compassionate energy and blessings to our beautiful world, and to everyone.

I am available for sessions in person, via Zoom, Skype, Google Video Chat, or Telephone.

Soul Retrieval

I have learned several different forms of Soul Retrieval, including Multi Dimensional Soul Retrieval. My clients have noticed remarkable results. They are now more able to effectively deal with life's challenges, and experience more joy and passion in their lives. In addition, they are also now able to easily tap into their inner resources of creativity.

Reiki, Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing

I have been a Reiki Master, an Ordained Minister and a Certified Spiritual Healer for over twenty years. I am very experienced in many different types of energy healing techniques, and I can select and combine them to make the best blend for your personal healing. As a Spiritual Counselor, I can assist you with the challenges that you are experiencing in your life.

Curriculum Vitae

For more information about my decades of training in the healing arts, please see my CV here.

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