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Starry Ceiling from Florence

I have been working with Prayer and the Arch Angels since 2008.

I am trained in Integrative Energy Therapy, an energy healing that specifically works with the powers of the Healing Arch Angels. I am certified at an advanced level for healing humans and pets.

I have studied the Western Esoteric Tradition for many years, learning, among other things, how to create Sacred Space, and how to work with the 4 Great Archangels, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel.

I was trained in the Western Esoteric Tradition by Anastacia Nutt  and R.J. Stewart.

I have combined that knowledge with many Neo-Shamanic techniques that I have been learning for decades, to customize and create my own unique system to Call the Angels, Elements, and Sacred Directions, in order to create a Safe, Supportive, Healing, and Sacred Space for my client sessions.

“My healing session with Wendy Wywrot was very transformative, enlightening and refreshing! Wendy initiated and facilitated the sacred space, to connect with enlightened and angelic beings from the higher realms, to assist me with multi-dimensional healing, and soul retrieval...releasing major blocks and core beliefs that were preventing me from being the beacon of light that I AM.

Our session left me with the feeling of immense joy, gratitude, and appreciation for all that I AM, and all that I'm destined to become, as I walk my path with renewed faith and confidence. Thank you, Wendy, for your wonderful work, and your beautiful spirit!"

— D.G., Virginia

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