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Starry Ceiling from Florence Wendy Wywrot, B.A., L.M.P. C.Ht.

Curriculum Vitae

2021 August – OPA Peer Group Astrology with Master Astrologer Moon Rabbit Zlotnik

2021 July & October– OPA Astronomy for Astrologers with Master Astrologer/Sacred Astronomer Gemini Brett

2021 June – OPA Astrology Consulting Skills with Master Astrologers Kay Taylor and Moon Rabbit Zlotnik

2021 Ongoing Tarot Training with Master Tarot Reader Maria Wheatley

2021 Attended Alchemy & and Tarot – Using the Cards for Personal Transformation with Master Tarot Artist and Master Tarot Reader Robert M. Place

2021 Attended NORWAC – 3 Day Northwest Astrology Conference (Online)

2021 Attended OPA - Organization for Professional Astrology 6 Day Conferenc>e

2021 Trained in Relationship Astrology with Master Astrologer, Anne Ortelee, through OPA

2021 Attended Mayo Astrology 2 Day Astrology Student Conference

2021 Attended Mayo Astrology Financial Astrology Day

2020 Private Lessons - Updating and Adding to my AstroCartography AstroMapping Skills with Master Astrologer/ Sacred Astronomer Gemini Brett

2020 Attended West Coast Dowsers Convention (Online)

2020 Attended NORWAC – 3 Day Northwest Astrology Conference (Online)

2020 Attended OPA - Organization for Professional Astrology – 6 Day Online Conference

2020 Trained in Forecasting Astrology, with Master Astrologer, Anne Ortelee, through OPA

2020 Trained in Predictive Astrology Techniques with Master Astrologer Anne Ortelee

2020 Completed Kepler College class V101A Introduction to Indian Astrology Part 1 with Kenneth Miller and Gary Gomes

2019-2021 - Ongoing - Teacher’s Assistant for Lillian Pearl Bridges’s Lotus Institute Master Face Reading Program.

2019 Completed Training and Certified as a Master Face Reader using Classical Chinese 5 Element Daoist System - with Lillian Bridges of the Lotus Institute

2019 Trained as a Certified Therapeutic Laughter Group Leader by World Laughter Tour

2018-2019 Trained as a Master Face Reader in Chinese 5 Element Medicine with Lillian Bridges of the Lotus Institute

2019 Attended NORWAC – 3 Day Northwest Astrology Conference

2018 Visited Assisi, Italy, home of Saint Francis, and visited his Church, Cathedral, and Crypt

2018 Voyage of the Black Madonna Sacred Pilgrimage to Southern Italy and Sicily with Alessandra Belloni

2018 Attended NORWAC – 3 Day Northwest Astrology Conference

2018 Taught Beginning Astrology Classes - 2 day weekend workshops in Seattle, Washinton, and Temecula, California

2017 Attended NORWAC – 3 Day Northwest Astrology Conference

2017 Rhythm is the Cure - Sacred Healing, Drumming, Dancing, and Singing with Alessandra Belloni - 50 hour training at Kahumana Retreat Center and Biodynamic Organic Farm, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii

2016 Five Element Feng Shui Daoist Design Program Certified by Lillian Bridges of the Lotus Institute

2016 Completed Two Year Program Shamanic Calling - Healing and Intuitive Arts Training with Michelle McKinney

2015 Completed Hypnotherapy Training for Clients Weight Management with Mary Lee LaBay

2015 Completed Hypnotherapy Training for Clients Smoking Cessation with Mary Lee LaBay

2012 Completed Cognitive Behavioral Coach Training with Devin Hastings

2012 Completed Ultra Learning Coach Training with Devin Hastings and Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills

2012 Completed 50 Hour Hypnotherapy - Transformation and Healing Course with Mary Lee LaBay

2012 Completed Integrative Energy Therapy Advanced Level Training (Healing with Angels) with Diane Shewmaker

2012 Completed Integrative Energy Therapy Course in Working with Pets with Diane Shewmaker

2011 Completed InnerSpeak Empowerment Training - Certified as InnerSpeak Practitioner Certified to teach InnerSpeak Empowerment with Jean Adrienne

2011 Completed Integrated Energy Therapy Levels : Basic and Intermediate with Phoenix and Leon

2010 Sacred Pilgrimage to Egypt - Shamanic Calling with Nicki Scully and Joan Borysenko

2010 The Inner Mysteries of Avalon – Using the Sacred Grail Energies for Healing and Rejuvenation with R.J. Stewart

2009 Feeding Your Demons Training with Lama Tsultrim Allione, Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

2009 Chod Training with with LamaTsultrim Allione, Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

2009 The One Command Practitioner Certification Training with Bonnie Strehlow

2009 Prajna Paramita - The Perfection of Wisdom with Lama Tsultrim Allione, Seattle, Washington

2009 Shamanic Mediumistic Psychopomp Training (How to help ghosts to cross over) with LeAnne Livingston

2009 - 2021 and Ongoing - Alignment, Communion, Transmission of Grace - Year long class with Peter Berry

2008 Vision Boarding/Treasure Mapping with Dakara Kies

2008 Theta Healing and Advanced Theta Healing workshops – Practitioner Certification with Bonnie Strehlow

2008 Shamanic Mediumship class with Betsy Bergstrom

2008 Seven Rays, Ascended Masters, and Violet Flame workshop with Mark Dodich

2008 Sacred Stone Medicine (Hot, Warm, Cold and Cool River Stone Massage) with Jenny Ray and Janelle Lakman, Chewelah, WA

2008 The Mystery of the Seven Directions with R.J. Stewart

2008 Well of Light - Faery Healing to Earth Healing - Seven Month Class with Peter Berry

2008 Introduction to Shamanism 8 week class with Tasara

2008 Family Constellations workshop with Sharon Maccarone

2008 All My Relations Family Constellations workshop with Francesca Mason-Boring

2007 The Faery Magic of Fiona Macleod with R.J. Stewart

2007 Lomi Lomi Massage workshop with Kolleen Kohlrus

2007 First Aid/CPR/AED workshop

2007 Enochian (Angelic) Communication workshop with Lon Milo Duquette

2007 Thoth Tarot workshop with Lon Milo Duquette

1997 Neuro – Link Workshop – Correcting Somatic Dysfunction through Neurological Integration with Marilyn Michael

1996 Somato-Emotional Release I with Upledger Institute

1996 CranioSacral Therapy Level II with Upledger Institute

1996 Releasing Identification with Archetypes with Carolyn Myss

1995 Gyoto Monks Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Choir

1995 CranioSacral Therapy Level I with Upledger Institute

1994 Right Eye of Horus and Mer Ka Ba workshop with Greg Braden

1993 Unfolding Potential – Holodynamics with Dr. Vernon J. Wolf

1993 Taught 8 week Adult Education class based on the Joseph Campbell “Power of Myth” series; Queen Anne Community School, Seattle, WA

1993 New Fire Ceremony with ThunderCloud

1993 Chen Re Zei (Buddha of Compassion) Empowerment with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

1993 Ancient Sounds Still Echoing – Sanskrit Sound Healing with Thalia Shorett

1992 Professionally Licensed as Massage Practitioner in the State of Washington

1992 Certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Therapy Specialist with the Northwest School of Clinical Therapy

1991 Seattle Massage School Professional Credentialing 1 Year Program, completed Seattle, WA

1991 MariEl Healing Energy – Divine Sananda Healing Practitioner Training

1991 Reiki Training – Levels I, II, and Master Level – Joh Rei / Raku Kei Advanced Reiki Method, Tacoma, WA with Cathryn L. Connors

1991 Ordained as a Minister, Spiritual Healer, and Earth Steward with Hands of Light Congregation through S.H.E.S. (International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations)

1987 Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, graduated with Honors, Graduated Magna Cum Laude Seattle University

1985 Completed 2 Year Honors Humanities Program ; designed to stimulate critical thinking and problem solving abilities by studying and discussing the Great Books of Western Culture, Seattle University

1985 - 1987 Naef Scholar – by Nomination Only, selected as 1 of 25 students out of 8,000 students to receive this honor for outstanding leadership and academics, selected 2 years in a row. Seattle University

1983-85 Presidential Scholarship Seattle University

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