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Starry Ceiling from Florence


“I had a Face Reading session with Wendy Wywrot. I would highly recommend that every person should have at least one session, and multiple can be even more eye opening. Wendy is honest, kind, and very thorough in her analysis. I was surprised to learn how much of my history and personality can be expressed from my face. I know it sounds funny, but Wendy was able to talk about me like we had been friends for years. In fact, one of the qualities I have and hated is a large forehead, and she helped me to see the beauty in it. She was able to determine my strength, willpower, and stubbornness just from the shape of my chin. Thank you, Wendy. My suggestion is to hire Wendy for an analysis as soon as possible. Sincerely,”

—D.E., Loretto, MN

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