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Lillian Pearl Bridges

My most influential teacher was my Brilliant, Fun, Nurturing and Compassionate Feng Shui and 5 Element Face Reading Teacher, Lillian Pearl Bridges of the Lotus Institute. Sadly, she passed away in September 2021. I miss her so much. Lillian's students are continuing her amazing legacy of wisdom and ancient Daoist teachings. Lillian taught people all over the world, and I am so grateful because we all made many friends for life in her classes.  Thankfully all of Lillian's incredible teachings were captured on video for posterity. Everyone should take her classes - they are insightful, healing, inspirational, validating, and  transformative! The Lotus Institute, which she founded in 2012, carries on.  Take a look at the Lotus Institute website to see the amazing trainings still available to you. I am honored to have been and to still be a Teacher's Assistant for this incredible organization.


Lillian Pearl Bridges Divine Chinese Cuisine Cookbook -  all Gluten free & 80% of the recipes can be made Vegan.


Lillian Pearl Bridges 5 Element Food Blog - all Gluten Free Recipes, 80% Vegan


Some of my other wonderful teachers

Some of My Many Wonderful Astrology Teachers.





Some of My Kind and Brilliant Neo-Shamanic Healing Teachers.




I visited Egypt in 2010, and it was gorgeous, thrilling, and transformational. I highly recommend Nikki Scully's guided journeys to Egypt.


Some of my other Fantastic Energy Healing Teachers




Western Esoteric Tradition Teachers

Anastasia Nutt


Robert J. Stewart


Some of my Tarot Teachers

I have studied and read Tarot cards since I was approximately 7 or 8 years old. I have become much more proficient in Tarot reading during the past 15 years. In 2021, I re-discovered my love for the Tarot, and I have attended classes from at least 7 different Tarot teachers.

To refine my skills, I took many many many private Tarot lessons with Maria Wheatley during 2021 - early 2022. She is brilliant, and I'm so grateful to have studied with her.

Maria Wheatley


Laetitia Barbier - I love studying with her. She has written a gorgeous Tarot book, just published in January 2022!


Robert Place

Robert is an incredible artist,  who has made many powerful Tarot decks. They are Gorgeous!

I have also taken some excellent Tarot and Cartomancy classes from him.


Rachel Pollack - a complete legend in the Tarot world.


Affordable Acupuncture Practices in Seattle - highly recommended!

http://communichi.org/ Affordable community acupuncture on Beacon Hill, Seattle.

https://www.thepincushionclinic.com/ Affordable community acupuncture on Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Essential Oils

Custom Essential Oil Combinations by the Wise and Wonderful Michelle Mahler. I've been using her oils for years - I highly recommend her - she can create custom oil blends for any of your health or emotional needs.


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