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For your Tarot reading, I craft a unique blend of techniques that will help you the most at this time in your life. I may include Angelic Energy Healing, Face Reading, Feng Shui, Guided Visualization, and more. I have studied and read Tarot cards since I was approximately age 7. I have become much more proficient in Tarot reading during the past 15 years.

In 2021, I re-discovered my love for the Tarot, and I have attended classes from 8 different Tarot teachers. (Yes, I've been obsessed! I am a life-long learner, always wanting to improve and add to my skills.)

As you might imagine, I have been doing Tarot readings a lot more often in 2021, and I have been thrilled with the great results that my clients are experiencing. You can be confident that I will provide you with wonderful insights and helpful resources during your Tarot reading.

"The Angelic Tarot reading with Wendy was very a unique and fulfilling experience. Wendy is a kind, intuitive, and compassionate person. Every word or idea she speaks is filled with love! During the session, she paired her expert Tarot knowledge with accountability coaching. She helped me make a plan in the spiritual realm, and also create actionable steps I can take in the physical world. Wendy merges heaven and earth in her sessions. Anyone seeking guidance is sure to benefit from her gifts. I left the reading feeling more inspired and grounded, knowing that I was taking steps in the right direction."

— M.A., Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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