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I do astrology readings in a special & unique way. First, I say a brief prayer to co-create sacred space with the Divine. Then, I listen to your concerns (you can also email me your concerns ahead of time.) I customize your reading, providing feng shui, ritual, and prayer tips for your unique wishes, dreams, and needs.


Often people ask me things like : When am I going to meet a good person to date ? I provide them information about astrological timing of course, but I also teach them Feng Shui tips and special prayer techniques and/or rituals to help them to manifest a good person to date.


Astrology is Ancient Wisdom, which has undergone 1000s of years of development and perfection.

Astrology is not fortune telling, it is more like soul assistance for your personal and spiritual growth.

It helps you to anticipate and prepare for cycles in your Career, Health, and Relationships.

More Benefits

Discover a Sense of Purpose

Discover Hidden Talents and/or Validate Talents of which you are already aware.

Spiritual Growth

Develop a Sense of being part of a greater Cosmic Pattern

Soul Development


Ritual is a way of communicating with your subconscious mind, to help you to manifest your hopes and dreams. Doing a ritual gives your subconscious mind additional signals and information that words or affirmations alone might not provide. I teach easy and simple rituals that can you accomplish your goals in life, to make your life happier and healthier.

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