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Become your Healthiest & Happiest Self

Achieve Your Goals more easily and Make Your Dreams Come True

Using Eastern and Western Wisdom

Improve Your Career, Work Performance, Relationships, and Health

I'm Wendy Wywrot, and I'd love to help you.

I am a caring and nurturing listener. Protecting your privacy is of paramount importance to me, so you can feel very safe to confide in me.

We can get to the heart of your challenges quickly, and find creative solutions to help you.

I integrate both Left Brain and Right Brain communication to help you gain more insights, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

I'm an Ordained Minister. I consider my job a sacred calling. I have over 20 years experience as a Healer, and the Healing Gift runs in both sides of my family. I customize the session for your unique needs.

I have a kind and loving heart, and I make the sessions fun too. It doesn't have to be all heavy.

St. Marks Clock in Venice Through Astrology, and Prayer with the ArchAngels, I can help you to have insight into your work, relationships, and health cycles, so you can plan your future more effectively. You can expand your possibilities in life, and achieve your dreams. You can chart your own course, and surf the waves of your life cycles, going with the flow, rather than swimming against the currents.

Through Shamanic Energy Healing, Soul Retrieval, and Ancestral Healing, I can help you to release blocks, and to create a happier, healthier, more interesting and exciting life.

Through Chinese 5 Element Face Reading and Feng Shui, I help people who feel stuck in their path (whether Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, or Physical) to move forward with joy and passion.

Through teaching Beginning Astrology, with the help of Guided Visualizations, Arch Angels and Sacred Space, I help people to understand themselves and others much more, in fun, insightful ways. 

Whether it is with me, or someone else, I sincerely encourage you to seek help, and to take steps to move forward to make your life happier.

Discover your Unique Gifts, your Divine Destiny, and Fulfill your Goals !


“ In a word, Wendy is brilliant! I have had several astrology readings and a house clearing from her. I have also been in an astrology class with her. Wendy has an amazing ability to take in profound amounts of context and is able to extrapolate this information in a beautiful and deeply intuitive way. She is truly one of the smartest people I have ever met. She is also compassionate, generous with her time, focused and dedicated to the work she does for others and to her own inner work. I have found her readings to be accurate, insightful and fun. She also helped a great deal with the energy of a new space I recently moved into. Wendy is authentic and has a pure soul. I would say she is a human angel. Thank you, Wendy!”

Ann B., Fort Collins, Colorado

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