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Tarot and Face Reading for Corporate Events, Team-building, and Private Parties

I love reading Tarot for parties and corporate events. There is always a lineup of people excited to see me (and/or a signup sheet with a lot of names on it.) Word of mouth travels quickly about me at these parties and events - everyone says to one another "you have to see her !"

My readings are always fun, entertaining, helpful, positive, compassionate, and supportive. I help and inspire people who are feeling blocked or stuck to move forward in their careers, health, and loving relationships. I use Face Reading along with Tarot, it is mixed in subtly and seamlessly, and helps people even more.

I studied with the preeminent Face Reading teacher in the world, Lillian Pearl Bridges who created the Lotus Institute. I was her Seattle Teaching Assistant for many years.

I can teach simple Face Reading and simple Feng Shui in short classes that are fun, entertaining and heartwarming for corporate team-building events. It really helps coworkers to understand one another better, helping them to be more compassionate about each other's differences in thinking, communication, and behaviour.

I can look very classy and corporate looking, or I can dress up very gypsy and magical looking. whatever you need me to do for each specific event. I also have cute props for my table, including an actual crystal ball.

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Tales of Successful Past Events:


I read Tarot for a private party on a sailboat docked at Shelter Island Yacht Club for Opening Day of Yachting Season. Word of mouth spread quickly"You have to see her!" So many people were lined up that they had to make a sign up sheet. The owner of the sailboat got so much great feedback, and so many people kept signing up, that she decided to pay me for an extra hour, and of course I was happy to work 4 hours instead of 3.

2) NEW PARENTS PARTY: I have read Tarot for new mothers and pregnant women and expecting and new fathers at a lovely event put on by a Doula for her clients. It was heartwarming and I reassured a lot of soon-to-be parents about parenting. Interestingly a lot of them were also considering career changes - I was able to help them with that as well, because I combine Face Reading with Tarot.

Because Face Reading detects a person's talents, creative gifts and constitution, I was able to support and encourage them to explore excellent possibilities for careers in which they can enjoy and prosper.

3) HUGE STUDENT HALLOWEEN PARTY - for an International Student Club at a Community College

It was so heartwarming and fun to do this event - it is a Big Responsibility to read for young people, and I took it very seriously. (Honestly I always take readings very seriously.) Integrity is very important to me. I worked from 8:30 to midnight. I would have loved to have kept going, but they shut the party down and made me stop even though there was STILL a line to see me - there was a looong line to see me starting about 8:45 or 9 onward.

The students were so sweet, earnest, and vulnerable - I was able to help encourage and inspire them in areas of Romance (encouraging kids to stand up for themselves, to have healthier boundaries, to pay attention to how THEY feel when on a date, rather than worrying about whether or not the other person likes them.) and in the area of Career and Majors.

I used my Face Reading combined with Tarot - combined especially with what they told me and asked me - to help them figure out what would really work for them -showing them possibilities and ideas about careers in which they could actualize their Divine Destiny/Golden Path/True Calling, rather than what they thought they "should" major in.

FACE READING and Feng Shui For TEAM - BUILDING for Corporate Events - I can teach the 3 Zones of the Face in a fun and interactive way - This shows if a person's decision - making process is Mental, Practical, or Impulsive "it has to just feel right, and eventually something clicks and that's when they decide,"

This is especially helpful for people in sales, management, and HR. People learn a lot about themselves and they can laugh and understand each other better, then they can work together more harmoniously and compassionately.

I trained in and am certified in Classical Chinese 5 Element face reading (based on Classical Chinese 5 element theory and ancient Taoism) with the #1 Face Reader and Face Reading teacher in the world - Lillian Pearl Bridges, who literally wrote the textbook that many acupuncture schools use all over the world! Here is her textbook, in case you are curious.

I was Lillian's Seattle Teaching Assistant for many years, until I moved to California, and I learned so much from her.

Once I was in California, I continued to assist her with online classes, and she would often call on me to explain things to her students. I also helped her with guiding and teaching students Break-out groups on Zoom.

I am also trained and certified by Lillian Bridges in Taoist Design Feng Shui. I can teach short easy Feng Shui classes (the art of placement of furniture and art for success and health) to groups for events and parties - I make it very fun and interactive. I use Face Reading to know what kind of Feng Shui to do for people - If they are weak in an element, I help them to strengthen that element using art and/or furniture, lifestyle changes, specific food, behaviour, and activities.

(For example, I would give a water-deficient person a lot of options such as drink more water, eat soup more often, do water physical activities such as swimming, qi gong, tai chi, and more.) I can do Feng Shui for Corporate Offices, as well as for Homes.

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