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Starry Ceiling from Florence


Feng Shui, the Art of Placement, is a highly effective technique for making positive change in your life. Your home is a reflection of your psyche and subconscious mind. By de-cluttering, tidying, and adjusting key areas in your home with color, art, and furniture, you can release old counter-productive patterns of being and of relating to yourself, others, and situations. Bringing Beauty, Harmony, and Balance into your home creates a solid foundation, so that you can easily and gently develop new ways to enjoy life and improve your career. Simple Feng Shui Adjustments help you to gain prosperity, creativity, better health, and happier relationships. All of this enables you to flourish, to evolve, and to actualize your potential. I was trained in Daoist Design - the Feng Shui without fear - by the brilliant, talented and compassionate Lillian Bridges of the Lotus Institute.

Dear Wendy, I made the adjustments that you recommended in our Feng Shui session. Removed the offending sculpture, and replaced with an uplifting symbol. Patched up all dings in front, and cleaned up the entrance to my house. Found all artwork that was not supporting my dreams, and replaced them with pictures that did. Changed my sleeping quarters.

Ever since I did these few simple things, my income has tripled! I cannot thank you enough for your training and insight. The book you recommended to me was a great help in being alert to the art images around the place!!!!!! Thank you. Warmly,"

— A.D., Portland, Oregon

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